Our Story


The farm barn store completed Spring 2023 with English lavender in bloom!

On a hot summer day we decided to have the grands photographed.  Yes they were hot and tired.  Our grands, Kelly, Gunner, Kerri, Liam and Katey.

Our Miss Bitsy.  She is the queen of squirrel chasing and never leaves our side.  Let's face it, she is the queen of the farm!


In the beginning......

We have lived on Red Fern Farm for over 25 years.  The farm is 126 acres located in Lunenburg County, Virginia. We raised our children here and now are making great memories with our grandchildren.  I have always enjoyed raising flowers and working around the yard and David has always loved the vastness of the land.  The idea of planting lavender was definitely not immediately embraced by all, but it quickly became a labor of love.  We have approximately 2000 plants now and expect to plant another 300 this year.  My first love is in growing the lavender.  Propagating, planting and watching it take to the Lunenburg soil and flourish.  Second, is formulating products from the lavender.  I am partial to the culinary side of things but I equally love to formulate body care and products for the home.  We are learning every day and hope you will follow our journey.  The summer of 2023 we opened the farm for visitors for the first time. Our intention is to open the farm during blooming season for all to enjoy each year.    

Thank you for joining the journey, 

Katrina and David Wells


This is my mom. In past days, with better health, she so enjoyed raising and growing for her family. This is her pruning blackberries.  My inspiration.