Individuals visiting the farm are welcome to photograph at Red Fern Farm with your personal amateur cameras during regular operating hours.  No props and please do not interrupt other visitors who are also enjoying the farm.  If you are requesting a personal photography session you will need to schedule this outside of the regular business hours and will be subject to a professional session fee for this. 

Professional photography sessions are welcome when scheduled ahead.  You may contact us at to schedule your session or see what dates are available.  Sessions are scheduled at 1 hour increments with a fee of $50/ hour.  You are responsible for your clients and your own client schedule.   Everyone should be respectful of our farm during the visit or we reserve the right to ask your party to leave with no refund.  We expect no litter to be left.  We respectfully ask that you do not use anything that will leave evidence behind.  Things like glitter  or damaging the plants on our farm.  Please keep your child clients within your site range and under your control at all times as the pond is not fenced off.  We prefer no pets however, we will consider this on a case by case option. Each professional photographer should have their own insurance and proof of insurance may be requested. We will only schedule 1 photographer for a session time so you will have the lavender fields for full use. In case of inclement weather, you will be responsible for rescheduling the session by contacting us so we can set another date.  We will try to accommodate your request however it will depend on what dates are available.